January 2014(INDIA)RATING U | 1h 45min | Drama,Romance | 17
paranthe wali gali
SYNOPSISParanthe wali Gali is a fresh and endearing tale of finding love,
passion & dreams in charming world of Old Delhi. The life of Paranthe Wali Naina changes when she meets the most sincere and creative Theatre artist in Delhi.A vivid, intense and emotional adventure through Comedy and Drama. An artist with immense and prodigious passion for his craft stuck in the constant gruelling battle between art and commercialisation..What more? Moments from their lives bring out the joy ,Humor, interactions & conflicts that develop between them..
DOP:Debasish Banerjee
EDITOR:Vinay R Chauhan
SOUND DESIGN:Vikram Biswas
MUSIC: Vasundhara das,Vikram Khajuria
LYRICS:Devshi Khanduri
ART:Tapash sarkar,Shriya Khanna

DIRECTOR:Sachin Gupta
Anuj Saxena,Neha Pawar,Mohinder Gujral,Vijayant kohli,Prabhakar Srinet,
Yuvraj Haral,Himanshu Thakkar,Nisha Sachdeva,Suraj Dhingra